Ministries & Programs

Prayer List

This list is comprised of prayer requests coming to us through conversations from our church family and community.

Please remember that this prayer list is private to the HPC family.  I know your prayers are greatly appreciated by the families and individuals on this list.


Tim McCann - waiting on results from episode.

Miracle baby Micah

Helen Edgley - hip replacement recovery - doing well

Bill & Gaye Potter

Gail Shillington - Sandra Gill's sister - cancer treatments - next set of treatments even more intense

George Prosser - cancer

Pastor Kim - Philomena's request

Tom Paul's cousin's wife - kidney failure and result of dialysis gone wrong

Patty's family needs...uncle Gerry passed June 18, dad, Kirsten...also Isabel

Nick - Mary Geiger's brother - cancer

Carol - Adele Roberts' sister - cancer

David Gill - Doris Kierstead

Matthew & Alaina Tripp

Church Leadership - leading the church through this unique season

All those on the front lines and our leaders

Those in our city and surrounding area being afflicted with the COVID-19